Sunday, November 12, 2006

Native Sun Plug-In to Replace Jinitiator in E-Business Suite Release 12

E-Business Suite Release 12 will replace Oracle JInitiator with the native Sun Java2 Standard Edition (J2SE).

[More cheering from Oracle Apps DBAs, Business Analysts and Users]

As most of you know, Oracle JInitiator is an authorised version of Sun Microsystems' Java2 Standard Edition with some specific fixes required to support Oracle Forms. JInitiator is currently required to run Oracle Forms in the E-Business Suite Release 11i, although Oracle is apparently running an Early Adopter Program that's evaluating the feasibility of eliminating this requirement for Release 11i.

Oracle JInitiator will no longer be required to run Oracle Forms in E-Business Suite Release 12. Oracle Forms in Release 12 will run directly in the native Sun Java2 Standard Edition plug-in. This will be the standard configuration for Release 12.

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